About Sliding on the Cheap!

 Hello Skiers and Riders!

Welcome to Sliding on the Cheap.  If the Website looks a bit like we’re in the middle of re-aranging the furniture, that’s because we are doing some re-design to have a better flow of information, for the six regions.  Right now, we’re just getting Tahoe finished, then we will roll on the other regions.

The heart and soul of SOTC is the newsletter. That’s where we have our most current info, best local’s skinny on deals, values, and more. Local’s ticket prices, food, restaurant.  Skiing and Riding is expensive. We stretch that dollar, sometimes almost 50% with the locals deals, we make available for our CREW.

Sign up for Tahoe, Colorado and New England on the home page, and we should have all our regions up and running next week!  12/25/15

Kevin Tinto

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Kevin Tinto, President, American Marketing & Communication, Inc. 

Editor-in-Chief, Sliding on the Cheap! 415 269-7873

Kevin@slidingonthecheap.com, Kwtinto@aol.com