Newsletter November 25, 2015!

Heavenly 1 copy

 More POW, More Terrain, More Early Season Value!

Best Early Season Start In Ten Years

Hello Skiers and Riders!!

Wow! What a fantastic start to the 2015/2016 ski/ride season. We’ve got another storm on the way dear readers. It’s gonna snow, and it’s gonna snow low…like Colfax. So get some POW gear ready and don’t forget those chains if you need them.

*The Skinny
Resorts continue to open and open more terrain, with the best fall start in perhaps ten years. We’ve got Sugar Bowl opening tomorrow, and Sierra-at-Tahoe as well. Rose, Squaw, Alpine, Northstar, Heavenly, Kirkwood continue to open more terrain, and YOU can STILL get cheap pass, if you saw our special blast yesterday.

*What Would I Do? You Ask…
Well first, thanks for asking. Even if you don’t want my opinion, you’re gonna get it anyway. First, I’m going to decide where I want to spend the majority of my time this winter. That decision is based upon skill level, family, time off, etc. If you’re a beginner, value might be more important than vertical feet. In that case, a smaller resort will nicely work, and you’ll save a bundle as well.

Want to ski Squaw/Alpine/Heavenly/Northstar/Kirkwood? Get a pass. When you pass by the ticket window, the grin will likely cause you to get frostbite on your teeth.

Want a more alpine-old school feel? Now that’s what Im talking about! Sugar Bowl, Rose, Sierra are your go-to resorts. A pass is a good idea, HOWEVER, they all offer excellent ticket values and discounts.

That’ right. Now that you’ve formulated a strategy, pull out your gear. Start with boots. Put them on. Keep them on for an hour. If they feel anything other than a pair of slippers, get them fitted right now. I will guarantee, that once you hit the slopes, any little tinge in those boots will grow into a nuclear-sized pain that will make waterboarding seem like an afternoon at the spa.

California Ski Company is the BEST boot fitter around in our (not-so-humble opinion.

For skis and boards, a tune up and binding check should be mandatory pre-season to do. If you ADD UP what you’re spending for a day skiing…think about flushing that down the toilet after an hour, because of a minor boot or gear fix.

*Christmas Holiday is not coming…IT’S HERE!
If you planning to spend the holiday in Tahoe, stop dead in your tracks and get a Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn. Looking for a bargain? Boomtown, Reno, Carson City. In Tahoe, there are NO lodging values during the holiday, but some are cheaper than others, depending upon your needs and credit card limit.

My novel, ICE, continues to sell excellent, as locals in the ski industry try and see who I used as a character within the story. Hey! It’s fiction…except where it’s not… :) Check some of the Amazon Verified reviews at Amazon, or